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一針一線   魅力無限


        南通市佳君襯衫有限公司位于黃海之濱,建成于1984年,是集工貿一體的現代化私營企業。佳君襯衫公司占地面積50畝,生產廠房21000平方米,固定資產1200萬,職工408人,專業技術人員28人,外貿業務人員5名,具有10條現代化設備的專業生產流水和水洗車間,各種機器500臺/套。專業生產男、女、童各類絲綢、化纖、全棉、麻棉等襯衫、普通睡衣套、褲子等150萬件/套。主要客戶有日本的美濃屋、丸紅、住金物產、互興、日綿;美國的TARGET、SAKS、marshall field’s、EMANUEL;歐洲的LERROS、ENGBERS等。產品做工精細、質量上乘、價格合理,深受國內外客戶的信賴,遠銷二十多個國家和地區。 本廠于1999年獲自營進出口權,可自營出口各類服裝、針紡織品等。目前,本廠正進一步加強企業管理,艱苦奮斗、勵精圖治,開發新客戶、新品種。

        Our factory possesses ground more than 33,000 square meters and 21,000 square meters for workshops. We have capital asserts of RMB 12 million and 408 workers, 28 technicians and 10 foreign trade talents. We have the right to export products to oversea since 1999.We can sell all kinds of fashions and knitting products. Silk, chemical, 100% cotton and linen cotton are our major products. Those materials are used in shirts, pajamas, trousers for men, ladies and kids. We have customers all over the world, such as TARGET, SAKS, MARSHALL FIELD’S and EMANUEL of U.S.A. and LEROS, ENGBERS of European countries. We own reputation from our products in oversea markets for sophisticated workmanship, best quality and reasonable price. Till now we sell the products to 25 countries and areas.


0513-82860588  18962903999

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